Our Products

our Products includes the following: 1, pinwheel toys series 2, balloon cups and sticks series 3,lollipop sticks series 4, 、unshaped pipes series,etc . We supply plastic pinwheel toys,balloon cup and sticks,lollipop sticks products all over the globe to a wide range of companies worldwide, ranging from large multinational organizations to small individual companies.

YIWU GUOKAI PLASTIC PRODUCTS CO.,LTD.was established in 1995,and we are the member of YIWU TOYS ASSOCIATION and YIWU CHOUCHENG STREET CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. We are professional supplier of plastic products, especially in pinwheel toys series、balloon cups and sticks series、lollipop sticks series、unshaped pipes series,etc .Specially our pinwheel toys are both of fashion designed and with competitive price, our excellent achievement is based on our excellent commercial reputation and all customer’s respection.

as a manufacturer for plastic children windmill /pinwheel toys .we mainly produce various material windmills/pinwheel toys,lollipop sticks,balloon cup sticks. Such as PVC,cloth,plastic, foil paper windmill/pinwheel toys, We provide the most competitive price as a expert of children windmill/pinwheel toys,whenwhile we can supply the stable good quality ...  Learn more >>